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Dear Friend

1234 West Funston Court

56789 Wichita, KS

United States of America

20th April 2010

Dear Matthew,

How have you been? It’s been awhile since I last wrote to you. I’m sorry but I have been very busy, especially with my homework. Here in America, the weather is changing and Summer is coming. So it’s beginning to get warm. My younger brother is not used to the change in weather so he has been ill for the past few days. How about you? Have you been taking good care of your health too? Remember to drink lots of water, especially since Singapore is always so hot and sunny.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you what I am planning to do during my holidays. In America, we have holidays during the month of June too, like you. But we call it Spring Break. We have time off from school to do whatever we want. Isn’t that great? So my family and I have planned some things to do during the month of June. For the first week of June, my family and I are planning to exercise at least 3 times that week. We are planning to play soccer on Monday; swim in the sea while Mom flies her kite at the beach on Wednesday; and cycle around the park on Friday. Dad says that if we have the time, we may even be able to bring our dog, Rusty for a quick walk around our neighbourhood on Saturday morning.

For the second week of June, my family and I are planning to relax by catching a movie at the cinemas on Tuesday because that is the day that tickets are the cheapest. On Thursday, my family is bringing my grandmother out shopping for a day around town before having dinner at our favourite restaurant for her birthday. On Sunday, my mother is going to teach my brother and I how to bake chocolate chip cookies while dad goes fishing.

On the third week, we would not be home because my family and I are going to Mexico for the whole week to enjoy ourselves there as a family. We will be leaving Monday night and coming back on Sunday morning. I cannot wait to get on the plane. It will be my brother’s first time on the plane so I hope he does not make a fuss during the flight. Once we return, Mom says that we cannot play anymore. We have to use the final week of June to prepare for school so that is the week we will be finishing up all holiday homework and getting ready for school.

How about you? What will you be doing for your June holidays? Please share. I look forward to your letter.

Take Care.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Depriest.


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My Best Friend

“Today, you are going to work on a powerpoint presentation about ‘MY BEST FRIEND’. You were asked to bring one photo of your best friend and yourself. Remember to use the photograph in your presentation.

You need include the following information in your presentation:

(i) Give your best friend’s biography. [about 20 – 30 words]

(ii) Explain how you and your best friend met. [about 40 – 50 words]

(iii) Give one incident that caused you two to become closer. [about 40 – 50 words]

(iv) Give one incident when you quarreled with your best friend and tell how the two of you managed to overcome the situation.[about 40 – 50 words]

Remember to decorate your powerpoint slides and save the file under the following name: YourName_MYBESTFRIEND_1N4

You are given 40 mins to complete this task. Have fun! 🙂


How you will be marked:

Your presentation will be judged on (i) Creativity, (ii) Grammar, (iii) Content and last but not least, (iv) Format.

The marks will be given as such:

  • Creativity = 15 marks
  • Grammar = 10 marks
  • Content = 15 marks
  • Format = 10 marks
  • TOTAL = 50 MARKS

Remember to make your presentation as interesting as possible. Cheerios!

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