Dear Friend – Ley Yi

                                                                                                  123 Woodland Road St 32


Dear Ian,

How have you been? I’m fine here, you know that I’m strong and healhty don’t worry about me. In Singapore now is extremly hot and worm.I’m sure in America is the same right? And I’m sure that during your Spring Break is fun for everyone in America, right?

Anyway, I would like to share with you want Im going to do during the June holiday too. My friends and I will go and find a part time job to take up my free time. At the first weekend I will spend my time with my family. For the second weekend I will spend my time to do some June holiday homeworks. The third weekend I will spend my time with my friends to do project. Last but not least the last weekend brfore school reopen I will spend my time to compelet my holiday homeworks. Okay, that all for now I hope to see your reply soon. Goodbye .

                                                                                                                    Yours Sinceretly,

                                                                                                                    Matthew Tan


                                                                          lakeshore condominium apartment no.2

                                                                                                                                       20-4 -2010

Dear Ian,

               Hi Ian…..How have you been? I read your letter about your holidays. It sounds so fun.  I don’t think my holiday will be as fun as yours. But I going to tell you anyways.

                For the first week of the holidays we are going to visit my aunt in malaysia. To be specific i am going to KL. In the second week we are drivig from there to Malacca. We are going there to see sights.

                 On the third week me and my family are coming back to Singapore. The reason is because my father wants us to finish our homework. school will be starting soon.

                  On the last week I will be heading to a few of my friends house to play games and have a little fun.

                                                                                                                              Yours Sincerly 

                                                                                                                           Mattew Tan 🙂

           blk 321 jurong west st.9 #10-905


20th April 2010

Dear Ian,

How are you?do you have a lot homework to do ? i am just having a lot of homework and i every day busy doing my homework . i am sorry that forget to write letter to you.do you planning anything during the holiday

anyway do you want  go out by this june holiday? if can you can go with me to go to china in china got a lot of nice food and a lot of thing that you never see before and i also will bring you to more place to play and i will give you a surprise

For the second week of June i and my familly and you go to watch a moive is a chinese moive i have to tell you chinese moive is do nice

On the third week we just having fun to play by the computer game but we just can paly for 1 week

how about you i hope u can come with me @.@


Dear friend – Amirah

Blk 123 Jurong East St 1 #01-02

Singapore 123456

20th April 2010

Dear Ian,

Thanks for your concern about me. I am very busy too lately because of my studies and many more.Now,I’m also going to tell you about my June holiday at here.While you were at America,the weather in Singapore was very hot.My family and I were perspiring because of the hot sun.But luckily,we have an air-con at our home.We drank plenty of water to keep us warm here.

Anyway,I wanted to share with you what I have plan to do during the holidays at here.For the first week of June,my family and I have plan to to outdoors activities with my grandma.We are planning to go to the beach to have picnic on Tuesday;go to mall to buy our new stationary on Thursday.My father also plan to go fishing on Sunday if we have time.

For the second week of June,my family and I are planning to go to the park to have exercise,cycling,roller-blading and many more on Monday.On Wednesday,my family and I will be going to shopping to buy the household things.

On the third and forth week which is the last week,my family and I will be going to visit my cousins at Malacca,Malaysia.We will be going there on Tuesday and will be back on Sunday.

I hope you enjoy your holidays and have a good time eith your family.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Tan

Dear Friend-Xue Min

Blk 205 Jurong East st 92 #09-122

Singapore 640205

20th April 2010

Dear Ian ,

How are you ? It’s been a while since i wrote to you . I am sorry but i have been very busy especially with my homework that my teachers gave me during the June holiday . Here in korean , the weather is changing and Winter is coming so it is beginning to get cold . My little sister has not been used to the weather here so she have been ill for the past 1 week . How about you ? Have you been taking care of your health ? Remember to drink lot’s of water especially that singapore is a hot and sunny country .  

I wrote this letter just to share my plan with you to tell you how i spend my June Holidays with my family . In korea , we do have june holiday like you guys too . But we called it Winter break . We can do whatever things we want after school. Isn’t that great ? For the first week of the june holiday , my family and i planned to exercise at least 2 times a week. We have also plan to do Cycling on Monday; swim in the sea while mum seat under the shady tree to relax on Wednesday; and play soccer on Friday . Dad say that if we have the time , he will bring us to the shopping centre to have Fun on saturday morning !

For the Second week of the june holiday , my family and i planned to relax our self and put our hair down so we will be going to the Cinema to catch a movie on thrusday as the ticket are the cheapest on that day . On Friday ,  my family is bringing my grandfather and grandmother out shopping for a day around town before having dinner at our favourite restaurant for their wedding anniversary . On Sunday, my mother is going to teach my brother and I how to bake chocolate chip cookies while dad goes fishing.

On the third week, we would not be home because my family and I are going to Mexico for the whole week to enjoy ourselves there as a family. We will be leaving Monday night and coming back on Sunday morning. I cannot wait to get on the plane. It will be my brother’s first time on the plane so I hope he does not make a fuss during the flight. Once we return, Mom says that we cannot play anymore. We have to use the final week of June to prepare for school so that is the week we will be finishing up all holiday homework and getting ready for school.

How about you? What will you be doing for your June holidays? Please share. I look forward to your letter.

Take Care and keep in touch !!! Bye !!!

Yours Sincerely ,

Matthew Tan .

           700 Country Lane
South Baysville, CA 56435
April 20, 2010

Dear Ian,

  Hi, how are you? Are you sick? It feels like such a long time since the last time I saw you! I did not have time to write letters to you as i have lots of homework in school and i must play computer games! I’m having so much fun at home! I play my computer 24/7 too.

 I am going to tell you what i am going to do in my June holiday! 1st June, its my birthday! My family is going to bring me to Australia! Its a 7days trip. After my trip, I would just rest at home and wait for my June school camp! Although i doesn’t know what is the date of the June camp, I’m all ready for it! I am sure it would be cool as it is my first time i would be camping in school! For the rest of the days, i would spent all my time play my favourite computer game call ”  RAYCITY “.  Its a new game made by Singapore! i played this  game is that i love cars! Hope u would like to join me in this game!

  Lastly, i hope you would reply me what you are doing in your June holiday. Do take care! Drink more water if you are really sick! =D Good Bye!

                                           Your sincerely,

Matthew Tan

Blk  441Jurong West st 42

singapore 342441

20th April 2010

Dear Ian,

                   Hi, how are you? I am sorry that did not send you a letter because I am too busy with my examination and my studies. In Singapore, it is  very hot and sunny and r.emember to drinks lots of water.

                  Anyway,I wanted to share you about my planning to do for June holidays.My family and i plan to do some things during the month of June .The first week of June,my family and i are planning to exercise.We are planning to cycle around the park on Monday;went swimming on Tuesday;went out to eat in a resturant on Wednesday and we play badminton on Saturday and Sunday.

Yours Sincerely,

Matthew Tan